Thursday, 8 August 2013

CrossCountry and Mumsnet users offer top tips for family travel

As someone struggling with the prospect of several days travel through Europe this summer I was particularly interested in this email which arrived this morning. It states that... 

With the school holidays in full swing, families across Britain will be off on their travels- but it doesn’t have to spell out the beginning of traffic jams, squabbling kids and endless toilet breaks.

Research from leading train company CrossCountry reveals that some parents are opting for train services when travelling with children – with 43% of parents agreeing that they are able to have more stimulating conversations with their children on a train than if they were travelling by car.

Two fifths (40%) of parents say their children get a better understanding of geography by travelling on train and 34% say their children benefit from spending more quality time with their family. More than half (57%) say their children enjoy looking out of the window at the scenery and talking about the sights they pass.

To make family travel by train even more appealing and a little easier this summer, CrossCounty have teamed up with Mumsnet to find out what parents like about travelling by train. Below is a selection of top tips for families, as recommended by the Mumsnet users:

1. Pack a back-pack full of tricks (think cheap, disposable toys)
2. Book in advance to make sure you get a seat reservation
3. Check to see if you could save even more by buying a Family & Friends Railcard
4. When travelling with a toddler try and tire them out first
5. Sit back, relax and enjoy and enjoy the view!

Despite every parent’s best efforts, travelling with kids is not always plain sailing. Some of the more humorous events that parents admit to happening on a train include children saying 'hello' to every individual passenger, asking the ticket inspector for his ticket and even telling someone off for not having a ticket.
The research also found that over half (51%) of Brits like to travel by train because it’s often  quicker than driving, 64% say they benefit from missing out on traffic jams and 56% simply enjoy the opportunity to sit back and relax. 

Clare Shufflebotham, Partnerships Manager at CrossCountry commented; “We see lots of families travelling with us over the Summer months. Travelling by rail is a great way to see the country and re-visiting some of your favourite childhood holiday destinations with your own children can be really special.”
CrossCountry run to 118 stations – covering more of Britain than any other train operator – and have lots of special travel offers to help make family travel even easier this summer at

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