Thursday, 18 July 2013

Little Arty Hands - review and special discount offer!

With the best will in the world the little masterpeices of our little masters (and mistresses) get torn, lost or - at the very least - tired. We've got a wonderful artistic representation of the Great Fire of London on our fridge - where it's been for the last ten years since Sally brought it home from school. Unfortunately, other magnificent examples of this major artist's ouvre are now lost to posterity. And that's in spite of a bulging bag full of preserved examples.

What to do? As the end of term approaches and classroom wall displays dis-mounted, as drawers and filing cabinets are emptied, parents of school age children will be increasingly required to transport entire galleries of art-work home for the holidays and to cram walls and clutter doors until the next batch arrives.

And then what? The bag (my solution) isn't really very good at keeping things in prime condition. For a start it's bulging at the seams.

So how about...

Little Arty Hands?

This simple and ingenious site gives parents the chance to preserve their offspring's art-work forever. And it's simple to use. Upload your photos (or scans) add titles, dates, notes (when painted, where drawn etc.) should you wish, choose a border (if appropriate) and off you go!

It really is as easy as that. And if that wasn't enough of an excuse to get cracking, we've teamed up with Little Arty Hands to offer readers a special discount. Just enter the code 'Discount50' and you'll be able to upload your files and create a beautiful, permanent memento for as little as £17.50.

What are you waiting for?

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