Sunday, 9 June 2013

Father's Day Gifts

Not long now, y'know. And in spite of research claiming that we (as a nation) spend far more time and money on Mother's Day, let's hear it for the dads. I know, I know... But indulge me for a moment. And please... no socks.

Instead, how about one of these? James at 'Buyagift' has been in touch with an inspirational list of gifts and activities for dad, including... days, short breaks and historic sightseeing experiences all over the UK.

There are also days out at famous historic locations, steam engine rides and much much more. He's kindly offered me a choice of one from the amazing range (I'm torn between parachute jumping and basket weaving) so I'll report back later (if I survive - basket weaving can be very risky).

Over at AppliancesOnline they're not just celebrating Father's Day but an entire Man Month with dedicated gadgets and techy appliances galore. They've also offered to help me with some summer 'man stuff' be sending me this:

Now all we need is some barbecue weather!

If none of the above grabs you, you could always make dad a simple bacon sarnie. Most dads love a bacon sarnie. With HP Sauce, of course. And talking of sauce, if you pop over to the HP Sauce Facebook page right now you could win one of 100 special personalised HP Sauce bottles for dad. It's got his name on it!

Proctor & Gamble is keen to celebrate the importance of dads too - and not just for the big, car-mending, mortgage-grinding, food providing things parents do but for the little things, the everyday things that make all the difference. They write:

Did you realise that when you held your child’s hand on the way to nursery it made him feel excited and confident about playing with the other children? Or when you explained the changing seasons to your children they felt like you were the cleverest person in the world?

We believe that the “ordinary” things you do every day have an amazing impact for the whole family, which is why our mission is to make products that help towards making everyday life that little bit better. We’re calling this the Everyday Effect.

To celebrate Father’s Day they're offering a free hamper of P&G goodies (see below) to help one lucky reader enjoy a bit of the Everyday Effect. All you need to do is help me with a little research of my own. Leave a comment below before Wednesday telling me (if you're a dad) what you'd like most this Father's Day or (if you're not) what you're thinking of buying the dad in your life.

And it you're not a dad yet but planning on being one soon (or it you know someone in that category) might I blow my own modest trumpet and recommend 'the best blokes guide to babies on the market'...

Available on Amazon, from publishers Need2Know and even (I've just found out) on eBay, I also have a few spare signed copies available if you'd like to make that gift a bit more special. Just email me or leave a comment below to find out more. 

And talking of eBay (I'm not selling those copies of 'Fatherhood' there, by the way) I've still got a couple of great dad's gifts for sale at pocket money prices if you've read this far and you're still in need of inspiration. 

But get in quick. It's next Sunday, y'know!

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