Sunday, 2 June 2013

Sunday Supplement

There's nothing like coming back from a holiday to some interesting post and - in our case this week - that included some interesting locations chosen by the courier. A lovely box of chocolate goodies courtesy of Green & Black's (my wife has already opened it and earmarked what she's having) was waiting in the back garden on a bench. Thankfully the sun hadn't melted it. Or maybe there hadn't been any sun while we were away?

Either way, it seems to have reached us in pristine condition, as has an opportunity to review the new Colgate Proclinical A1500 - appropriate after eating chocolate as the 'first electric toothbrush that automatically adjusts' to different speeds and cleaning actions also delivers an amazing 32,500 sonic strokes per minute which seems almost guaranteed to get your teeth and gums deep clean.

Back in the garden after brushing our teeth, we notice our recently planted tomato seeds have sprouted. We'll soon be growing our own tomato ketchup as promised by Heinz - and so can you if you pop over to their Facebook page as they're still running their 'grow your own' app. But hurry! You've only got until Wednesday 19th June to get started.

On the subject of food, we were lucky enough while we were away to be able to sample the new Pizza Express menu at an (almost - three days old) Pizza Express Restaurant. Here's what we had just as a starter...

And if that's not enough, the pizzas were, well, as you'd expect from an establishment with 'Pizza' in the title, pretty darn good. But even better was the amazing family-friendly nature of the menu, the restaurant and the staff. (We might have been lucky; it might just be something specific to Dorchester. But I doubt it.) Charlie had a go at making his own pizza, rolling the dough and cutting it to shape; Eloise was given a paper chef's hat which she wore for the rest of the day and to cap it all, Charlie was then asked if he'd like to make his own ice-cream sundae. (No discount, incidentally, for DIY. Only joking... it's a nice touch and something to keep a lively five-year-old happily at the table while parents enjoy a leisurely holiday lunch.)

The other great thing about going away is that it can inspire you, when you return, to refresh something in the ol' domicile along the lines of what you've seen while out-and-about. And, in timely fashion, has issued a challenge to see what I can do to improve a room on a tight budget.  'Room for Improvement' is a campaign to see how creative we as a nation can be. And the closing date for entries is... tomorrow, so I'm really going to have to be creative. And quick. So watch this space...

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