Thursday, 6 June 2013

Samsung SSD Data Migration and Installation

We bloggers love our lap-tops. Well, I do. I've had mine for about five years, during which time it's become slower... and slower... and....

So when Samsung asked if I'd like to replace my hard drive with a brand new SSD, no less - I thought 'why not?' And I know precisely why they asked me. The reason is simple. They figure that if I can do it, anyone can. 'It' being the cloning of the existing hard-drive followed by its removal and replacement with the new Samsung SSD.

Simple, I hear you cry.

And well... yes. It is.

First comes the cloning. Using the data migration tool supplied (downloadable, free, from Samsung) the first step is simply 'plug-and-go-away'. Plug in the SSD (via a USB connector) run the software, and go on holiday. I didn't actually need to go on holiday (although I did go on holiday) but the migration can take some time. That's the boring bit. I didn't film that. The next bit, the surgical operation, the unscrewing of screws and the lifting of lids and the meddling with parts, well... I left that to my father, who happened to be staying. Purely so that I could hold the camcorder...


So that's that. It takes, oh... about ten minutes (after data migration) and - as I said - if I can do it, anyone can. And if you want to do it too, head over to the Samsung Facebook page right now because they're giving away four Samsung 840 PROS in this month's caption competition. 

Good luck!

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