Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Dads are lazy and stupid ... discuss

Dad's have been in the news quite a lot so far this week, in the run up to Father's Day. On Monday there was the report that 'a million children are growing up without fathers' and that over 200 parts of the UK are effectively 'man deserts'. Now we hear that dads are lazy and stupid, at least according to kids cartoons.

Well. No doubt some are. No doubt some Germans lack a sense of humour as did the one I once encountered who berated me (as a representative of the United Kingdom) for enjoying the TV comedy Dad's Army ('Vy do you eenglish perpetuate ze var?') not quite seeing that the joke was on us.

The Netmums survey (from which the findings about lazy dads come) is depressing not because it reveals that 93% of parents interviewed think the media perpetuates a negative stereotype of the feckless dad but because anyone cares.

It's like saying over 90% of us form our opinion of private landlords from Rising Damp, or that we regard all hoteliers as being like Basil Fawlty.

But that's not all. Because today the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall make a guest appearance in The Beano. Which really does raise questions about the nature of truth and reality.

Because we all know which ones are the cartoon characters and which ones are the real deal there. Don't we?


  1. Rebecca Schram12 June 2013 at 22:09

    Oh, but I was so hoping on my first ever trip to England (not that I am planning one at present) that the hotel I visited would be just like Fawlty Towers. Darn. There goes that dream ;)

  2. It's interesting that there isn't more outrage at the suggestion that dads are crap, I do hope perceptions change as clearly there is a whole bunch of us who take the role very seriously


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