Sunday, 5 May 2013

The Spalding Flower Parade

'We love a parade...' (as Auntie Mabel of CBeebies 'Come Outside' fame sang when she took part with her dog Pippin in the 1990s).

Unfortunately, yesterday, we saw the last outing of this particular one: the world-famous Spalding Flower Parade with an unbroken history stretching back to 1959 and origins - in such events as the Spalding Tulip Festival - dating back even earlier to the 1920s. So, almost a century.

But time and tide wait for no man, and not even for a Carnival Queen. The weather - kind on the afternoon of the parade itself - has not helped the people desperate to decorate their floats with tulip petals for one last time this year and the various funding bodies have decided that the cost can no longer be justified. So a small piece of Lincolnshire history came to a colourful end yesterday as the last of the floats paraded through the town and off into the sunset. If you weren't one of the ten or so thousand people there to see it, here's what you missed. And what we will all miss from now on.

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