Saturday, 11 May 2013

Panasonic NB-CT579 Slimline Combination Microwave Review

There aren't many things I'm sent to try out that I'd seriously part with my own meagre earnings to buy, but this is one of them: the Panasonic NN-CT579 Slimline Combination Microwave. Why? Well, apart from the obvious combination of microwave, grill and convection oven, apart from the 1000 watt power output, 27 litre interior capacity and 34cm diameter rotating turntable the simple truth (and it has to be simple for me, in the kitchen) is this: 

The Panasonic NN-CT579S (or 'James' as I'm going to call it) has an amazingly simple, effective and comprehensive range of auto start/cook settings which basically allows you (ok, me - I'm sure you'd read the manual carefully and follow the recipe) to press a button marked 'chicken' (or pizza, or pasta, or fish or veg.) enter the weight, press a button and then pout yourself another glass of wine (other beverages are available). 

Look. It's this simple...

Take a chicken. (Add a few other ingredients if you'd like to make it even tastier... I'm going to roughly chop an onion, one lemon and a couple of cloves of garlic and insert them into the, erm... 'cavity')

Turn said chicken upside down. (It cooks 'breast down' for the first two-thirds of its incredibly short time in the miracle microwave). Place in microwave. Press button marked 'chicken'. Enter weight (don't worry - it will prompt you to do this and even ask you whether you'd prefer to do it in lbs and ozs or grams).

Press 'start'. You'll notice that the cooking time seems dangerously short. But fear not. 

Here's what the bird looks like when it's finished:

Does that look cooked to you? That's because it IS cooked - wonderful, thoroughly cooked with a lovely, crispy skin (I drizzled a little olive oil on mine, as is my wont, and scattered some mixed herbs). Serve with a little salad and there you have it - a quick, tasty and delicious supper in less than an hour.

But ah, me. The model they loaned has got to go back on Monday and the RRP is £239.99 (gulp!). (Panasonic, incidentally, has not paid me a penny to put down these words in this order - not that I'd ever say anything different about any product I had been paid to write about - I just tell you that to try and gain a little sympathy... )

I've found it cheaper at Argos - £219.99 or, if I can wait for to have it delivered (and stomach supporting a bit of tax dodging) an price-busting (and rather irregular) £156.68 on Amazon.

I know, it's still a lot of money for a microwave.

But I want one.

Look, the kids even watch it in the morning instead of asking for CBeebies!

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