Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Win a Little Punk London Stick-and-Play t-shirt

A couple of weeks ago this arrived in my inbox:

Thanks to daily school-run duties I rarely manage term-time trips to London these days, but I was keen to support the event, not least because Little Punk London very kindly sent Charlie a Christmas present last year. Here's a picture of him wearing it:

I know what you're thinking. Nice. But... well, seasonal. How much wear will he get out of it? Will it still fit him next year?

Well, with Little Punk London ('the first and only children's stick on and play designer t-shirts... hours of fun, beautiful to wear' as they themselves put it) such things don't matter. Because once Christmas was over Charlie was able merely to peel off the velcro decorations and create an entirely new look! Something he can do again and again.

And so can you. Because to celebrate the launch of their brand-new range Little Punk London is offering one lucky Bringing up Charlie reader a fun item of clothing from their collection. All you have to do to win a groovy stick-and-play alphabet t-shirt is enter below and the winner will be chosen by this time next week (i.e. Tuesday 26th March).

So go ahead (little) punk!

Make my day...

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  1. Love it make my day 'Punk ' he he

  2. Have a beautiful day!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

  3. These are a bit different!! good bit of advertising :)

  4. love the stick and play concept, how unique! :)
    anna m

  5. Love your blog have a fabby day :) x

  6. Great idea, alphabet tshirts would be fun for my son, he leaves random words with the fridge magnets already. :)

    Make my day :)

  7. I would love to win one for my son please count me in

  8. Looks fantastic, would have to keep an eye on older kids with these tops, give them alphabet letters and lord knows what words they may have written on them when they go out :) lol

  9. yay great tops!! I like this one http://littlepunklondon.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=60&product_id=77 I have some cool kids (3 to be exact!) and they'd totally rock these :-)


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