Monday, 11 March 2013

It's a gas!

Of all the hi-tech gadgetry I've been asked to try lately I think this - the British Gas Remote Heating Control - is quite possibly the best. And a return to the wilder elements of winter this week has made me even happier to be able to tweak the heating wherever I am (even merely lying on the sofa) from my 'phone or my computer.

But that's not all. They reckon the £199 price tag of the system is easily off-set by the potential savings gained from having total control of your heating - wherever you are. So, you're out late but the heating's timed to come on and warm an empty house? No problem. Or you're leaving work early and worried the heating won't have time to do its job before you open the front door? Again, no problem. An instant solution is just a mouse-click (or touch-screen gesture) away.

The system is simple to install, requiring a wireless wall-mounted thermostat and a device plugged into your router. You can then set the controls - time events, decide temperatures etc. - on your computer. But get the smartphone app (available for iOS and android phones) and its even easier. No wonder the system won Home Gadget of the Year in the Stuff Gadget Awards 2012.

The system is also capable of being extended to do to other tasks like turning lights on and off too, bringing the smart house a step closer. And with rising energy prices and apparently no end in sight to winter, I'd say it's money wisely spent.

Which is all well and good. But the best thing about it? For me, that's simple: on a day like this (minus two, snow, two sick children in tow) I don't even have to leave the sofa.

That's smart!

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  1. We have a lot of that being advertised over here, including security systems that you can switch on and off remotely. Forgive me for being over-cautious but there's something unsettling about having all that info out there on t'Net.


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