Sunday, 20 January 2013

Review: Britax Versafix car seat

The other day (before being made a laughably low offer for our existing car) I took the new Toyota Prius+  seven seater for a test drive. The logistics of doing such a thing with children, I need hardly tell you, is never easy. But surely the most difficult thing should be - should  be - carrying your child's car seat from one vehicle (yours) to another. Not struggling to locate Isofix fittings that seem both less frequent and distributed entirely differently to those in your existing (Toyota, five years old) vehicle.

I had thought Isofix was the new and wonderful industry standard. I hadn't expected to find - where I had two connections - just a single, central seat fitting. Not on a new car by the same manufacturer.

In case you don't know, ISOFIX (now an international standard for child seats) was created by BRITAX in co-operation with VW in 1997. Research has shown that as little as 30% of car seats installed using a three point seatbelt anchoring are installed correctly compared to 96% using the ISOFIX system and the seat in question was the rather wonderful and plush new Britax Versafix, boasting:
  • Deep, softly padded side wings to ensure greater protection and comfort for your child
  • A cover that is quick removable and washable
  • A buckle that stays in the forward position so it is easy to put your child in the seat
  • Multiple recline positions for when your little one is sleeping
  • Lightweight and stylish design
Fortunately for me, the new Britax Versafix - designed especially for busy, two-car families - has three different fitting options: the Isofix bars, top tether anchorage points and a three-point seatbelt fitting for older cars - or baffling new ones like the Prius+!

The Versafix is suitable from 9 months to 4 years (or 9-18kgs), retails at £225 and is available in a range of colours. For more information and details of where to buy visit or call 01264 386 034.

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  1. I also assumed it was a standard fixing, interesting to know..


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