Friday, 21 December 2012

Binatone Kidzstar eReader review

£34.99 (half price currently at Argos) doesn't seem too much to pay for reclaiming your iPad or Kindle or Nook HD or ASUS or whatever grown-up tablet device you might have bought in the mistaken belief that you were going to use it yourself.

And, of course, the good thing about a tech-savvy toddler is that they'll have almost any piece of kit out of the box and up and running while you're still signing for the delivery from the postman. So, what is it we were getting...

This Binatone Kidzstar eReader comes with a chunky rubber bumper (interchangeable if you want to try a different colour) which adds to its already robust appearance. The addition of some form of screen protection would be useful, though, as the 7 Inch Screen seems rather vulnerable in the presence of small children. The recommended minimum age for the device is three years although my almost two-year-old doesn't seem concerned about that.

It's a device that promises much (playing audiobooks, videos and music as well as displaying PDF, ePub, txt and a host of other docs as standard along with the ability to read a converted Kindle file). Not having touch screen capabilities (the device is controlled via buttons a bit like the original Kindle) could be considered a drawback although adding them would no doubt increase the price considerably. Like the LeapPad (reviewed here) downloads are managed via a USB connection on your PC (which also charges the unit's internal lithium-ion battery).

In short, if you're doing some late Christmas shopping, this might be last minute bargain worth considering.

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