Friday, 23 November 2012

Win a pulling pack, courtesy of Ariel!

Does the shirt on your back make a difference? Could the colour you choose earn you money and compliments? Do some colours have 'pulling power'?

Ariel recently carried out a survey which found that women find men wearing purple shirts more attractive. They sent me three shirts of varied hue and some Ariel to wash them and asked me to put their findings to the test. Being a happily married man I could hardly go out on the pull (not that I'd have the energy!) but I can confirm that, as far as my wife is concerned, crisp white wins out.

Personally, I prefer pink. And it seems I'm in good company. Even The Daily Mail reported recently on the power of pink claiming that men who wear pink shirts earn £1,000 a year more than those who don’t, that men who wear pink are more confident and get more compliments from female colleagues. All is not lost for white-wearers, however. The same piece reported that men in white are the most punctual; those in purple or lilac, however, would appear to have more office romances!

So we bucked the trend. But if you'd like a go I've got a 'pulling pack' to give away - a 'lucky' purple shirt plus 'not so lucky' pink and white versions plus some trusty Ariel detergent and Ariel Stain Remover to get your outfit looking squeaky clean.

All you have to do to enter is add to this important empirical study by telling me the colour you prefer - on yourself, on your man, on anyone! - in the comment box below and I'll get Charlie to pick a winner next week.

Anyone claiming to like the England Rugby XV's new away strip, though, is banned.

What were they thinking...?


  1. I prefer pink without a tie, white when I need to be fully suited and booted

  2. I actually really like my man in a blue shirt with a navy suit but white is always good! I also like a nice pinstripe but you don't really see many men in pins anymore........

  3. Replies
    1. Congratulations Pete, you're the winner of three new shirts and some Ariel washing powder, hurrying your way as soon as you send me your contact details.

  4. I would wear white with a suit (navy pinstripe or Prince of Wales check), pink with a jacket and trousers and purple with a co-ordinated pullover. A probably a "Pick Me Charlie" badge clearly visible.

  5. Thanks for entering. This competition is now closed.


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