Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Are you getting enough?

Back in September, Amazon launched a new subscription service especially for families, supplying 'exclusive discounts and offers tailored to customers' interests, delivered straight to their inbox, with savings of up to £50 each month,'

This week they've also announced that sales of baby products at increased by 78 per cent year on year between midnight and 6am. Shop-turnal sales also increased significantly in the Health & Beauty, Clothing and Kindle Stores.

Clearly, someone isn't getting enough. Sleep, that is. So Amazon family has also launched the Amazon Family Night Guide in partnership with some of the UK’s (*cough*) 'best known parent bloggers' (their words) plus family GP Dr Rosemary Leonard.

The guide - free as a download at or as a free Kindle ebook - includes a wealth of personal tips and experiences to help parents maximise their snooze time and minimise the emotional toll of sleepless nights. And, presumably, reduce the amount of shop-turnal activity on Amazon!

Dr Leonard says, 'As a parent, getting through the night in one piece can be hugely challenging, and with so much advice available it’s often difficult to know what’s right and what’s wrong. The study found that over half (51%) of parents like to seek advice from other parents, so with this in mind the Amazon Family Night Guide, created by parents for parents, is a great idea.'

But if it doesn't work, you can also do some online shopping. And with Amazon family offering a free three-month trial you might also save a lot of money on your Christmas shopping.

And that's a thought to induce sweet dreams when your head hits the pillow!

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