Friday, 30 November 2012

Computer games and kids

Today's post is sponsored and written by WordPress blogger and freelance copywriter Heshaam Hague. He mainly writes about all types of technology, music and more but in this piece discusses a question close to the heart of every parent, namely...

Children's interactive computer games

Computer games can provide hours of entertainment and make ideal Christmaspresents. Though if your child is an avid gamer and is hoping for several newreleases, the costs can quickly stack up. Consider making room for the new bygetting rid of the old: it’s easy to sell laptop equipment and pcs and you can evenmake money for mac accessories and computers, using adedicated online site. However, with space cleared for new gifts, are computergames for kids really the best option?

Physical activity is important in kid’s health, though many children will choosestaying indoors playing computer games over outdoor activity. A 2011 report foundthat one third of kids are now obese or overweight by the time they leave primaryschool. Of course, this can’t be linked directly with computer games, yet in buyingthese for kids, are we exacerbating the problem?

The links between violent computer games and children’s behaviour has alsobeen made. Although games like Call of Duty, Gears of War and Medal of Honourhave age-restrictions, there is nothing to stop younger children playing friends’ orsiblings games unsupervised. The Associated of Teachers and Lecturers warnedearlier this year that pupils as young as five were acting out car crashes and graphicinjuries as a result of playing such games.

Choosing the right sort of games and restricting play time means your kids canenjoy a balance between these, and outdoor physical play. Wii games can givekids a taste of sports they may have been reluctant to try, and encourage them toparticipate in reality. There are also a range of fun educational games which candevelop cognition and encourage social activity. Be sure to weigh up the pros andcons of computer games before buying giving into your kids’ Christmas wishlistdemands!

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