Tuesday, 2 October 2012

I am the egg man

Here's an interesting start to an email:

I work for the British Egg Information Service (yes, there is such an organisation!) which handles the PR for British eggs, helps with queries from the public, run events and much more. It’s egg-cellent fun (sorry...) One of those events is British Egg Week (1-7 October), the annual celebration of the versatility and healthiness of eggs. And that’s why I’m contacting you today. We hoped you may be interested in receiving a new cookery book which is being launched for British Egg Week. 

Well of course, I had to say 'yes' and the book (called Take a Box of Eggs, the latest in the Dairy Cookbook series) contains over 100 triple-tested egg recipes of varying degrees of difficulty – from classic boiled eggs through to Spanish omelettes, huevos rancheros and souffl├ęs. There is some mouthwatering photography and each of the recipes has its own QR code linking to an ingredients shopping list.

Anyway, as it's British Egg Week I thought I'd share what I had for breakfast today - eggs, scrambled. And my recipe (which isn't in the book) is simple: two eggs, a little melted butter, some grated parmesan and a swirl of cream...

There. You can have that one for nothing. You can have the recipe book for nothing, too. Well, some of you can as the same email goes on to say they have 'access to extra copies of the book and would be happy to send [me] some for a giveaway.' All you have to do is share your own favourite egg recipe below.

If you don't bag a freebie (or don't want to leave a comment etc.) then the book - normally priced £9.99 including P&P - is on special offer at just £7.49 during October and you can take advantage of it at www.britisheggweek.com.

Finally, the email concludes...

One more thing! Naturally we feel next week is the ideal timing to be talking about eggs, but of course it’s completely up to you if (!) and when you choose to do so. To flag up some key dates - British Egg Week runs until 7 October and the following Friday, 12 September [I think they mean October] is World Egg Day (yes, really). 

Thanks for that, Sophie.


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