Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sunday Supplement: Vax Fax

Why buy me? reads the rather plaintive enquiry on the box of the new Vax Air³ Multi-Cyclone upright (or 'vacuum cleaner' as you and I might call it). Well for a start, I didn't; they sent me one to review. But so impressed have I been with my existing Vax Mach Air Reach (in common with most of the family, who have almost universally replaced their existing models with carpet cleaners out of the Vax stable - and bought with their own cash - after seeing the Mach Air in action here) I needed no persuasion.

In truth, the offer came not a moment too soon. The Mach Air Reach has a reset button that cuts the rotation of the beater bar the moment it detects an obstruction, and mine now seems to have permanently detected an obstruction. So although it's working perfectly in every other respect (and 'reach' it most certainly does - from the top to bottom of the stairs) it's not the vacuum cleaner that it once was.
Nor is it the vacuum that the Air³ U88-AM-B is. Although superficially alike and giving comparable performance in terms of capacity and suction, the new beast is even easier on the wrists. Not only is it extremely light (4.9kg in use) like its predecessor, it's manoeuvrable too, making a sinch of a one-handed sashay round the sofa. As says in answer to its own questions: 'I twist and turn around your furniture', 'I deep clean your carpets' (with an impressive 225 air watts) and - with a H12 HEPA filter - 'I reduce allergens'. If it could only twist and turn all by itself like Robot Vac once did, I'd be in floor cleaning heaven.

I'm almost there now as a result of trialling the Vax S2 Hard Floor Master as well. That's a steam mop, by the way, but not just a steam mop as it can be used to refresh carpets and rugs as well as cleaning tiles, lino, and laminate and wood flooring. It cleans by using powerful jets of steam and not only does the high temperature kill off bacteria dust mites and other allergens, it cuts through grime without needing a detergent so you can be sure any slightly larger creatures crawling on your floor (kids, dogs) aren't going to come to any harm. It'll eliminate bacteria and make your kitchen floor clean enough to eat your dinner off...

Which is a good job as we often (for reasons I'm sure, if you're a parent of small children you'll be only too familiar with) have to do just that. Well, some of us do anyway.

Talking of which, my Sunday lunch beckons so that's me done for another Sunday supplement. Enjoy what's left of the weekend.

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  1. Oh the joy of new floor cleaning equipment. I remember at the BritMums conference I ran up to the guys with the vacuums and asked for a demonstration even though there was no way I could buy one and bring it back to the States.


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