Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Happy Birthday Telly

Did you know TV is eighty years old today? Or to be more precise, today is the eightieth anniversary of the first public broadcasting service by the BBC.

My wife's great grandfather is ninety-three (bet you didn't know that either!) which means he would have been thirteen - thirteen! - when telly started eighty years ago today.

Now, I'm no telly addict (neither is he) but the thought of not having any till I was thirteen started me thinking...

... and here are just a few of the shows I'd have been missing:

  • Trumpton
  • Chigley
  • Camberwick Green
  • Hector's House
  • Mary, Mungo and Midge
  • Top of the Pops
  • Swap Shop and, of course,
  • Blue Peter

To be honest, I was a bit of a TV geek when I was younger and I loved Blue Peter when they flung wide the studio doors to let an elephant or a marching band come in. Not 'cos I wanted to see the elephant or band or anything else for that matter, but for the backstage glimpse of the studio that it gave you - cameras, lights and telly-action. I loved the episode when they made an entire behind-the-scenes feature, and here it is on YouTube, for all to see:

I always wanted to see all that stuff for myself and - what d'you know? Wait forty years for one visit to a TV studio and then two come along at once. Because - in addition to my moment of glory on ITV This Morning last Tuesday (which you may *ahem* have noticed!) I was a guest on the ChrissyB show on Sky channel 203 (along with @CommandoDad) the night before. Here's that show (in case you missed it). And you'll notice I'm wearing the same pink shirt as I did the following morning (which wasn't intentional)...


  1. Apparently it all kicked off in Hastings. It often does.

  2. Well, well... pity they didn't get their act together a bit earlier. That battle between William and Harry, that'd been worth watching!


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