Friday, 17 August 2012

Eamonn's Question

I like Eamonn Holmes, I really do. I like him even more having met him the other day.

But has to be said, doesn't it, I mean, really I think it does, and do you agree, that, y'know, because I think it does, really, and right there in the middle (well, 07:32 at any rate) of Tuesday's item Eamonn asked the most obscure question in the whole history of questions. 

And I've got training in obscure questions; I did a degree in Philosophy.

But what on earth do you make of this? (And how the hell do you answer it?)

So here's the question I want to ask the both of you: do you... you had the choice and you had the choice, right? Right. So. Do you actually like doing it or is there a difference, did you actually find that you didn't like doing it and you do like doing it or do you not like doing it and it is your duty you know because I don't think I would like doing it, I'll have to be honest.

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