Monday, 30 July 2012


I haven't been tagged in a long time, and when I have, I'll admit I've been rather slow to respond.

But when I read why Emma (MeTheManAndBaby) tagged me yesterday I was not only pleased but knew I'd have to instantly respond.

On the face of it, the task iss simple: choose a picture that says 'childhood' to you and blog about it.

The reality behind it is more urgent. Because WorldVision has until the 30th August to make the most of their matched funding from DFID. Every £1 donated will be doubled by the government. What better time could there be to donate some money knowing it will help fund long term aid projects that will in turn help to rescue lost childhoods and put hope into the future of West Africa?

So here's my picture, taken on Sunday in a hay meadow. That's what childhood means to me: freedom, the freedom to have fun, freedom from the cares and worries that plague many far too early in West Africa.

Now it's your turn. Find a picture that says childhood to and blog about it. Tell everyone about the matched funding opportunity at DFID and include the link:*/giftId/62/

And as they're trying to double the impact, try to tag two others to join in. I'm choosing @mumsgoneto and @singleparentdad but you don’t have to wait to be tagged to join in.

Tweet, share of Facebook, Pinterest, G+ and use the hashtag #LostChildhood if you can.

All entries will be pinned to the WorldVision Pinterest Board and the best entries will feature on their blog.

So, what does childhood mean to you?

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  1. Just got back from holidays so in the throws of sorting things out and trying to write up my holiday posts. But will try and squeeze this in: but forgive me if I don't manage it. However I have donated to ShareNiger via Merry's blog so this will make me feel less guilty if I run out of time!


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