Friday, 15 June 2012

Puerile witterings...

Yes, folks. I've arrived. Not only is my blog linked to a member of the Royal Family (well, her sister anyway) but it has been denounced this morning in the Daily Fail. I can die happy.

Ok, the link with is somewhat tenuous. But not tenuous enough for the Mail to use it as a stick with which to beat the Duchess of Cambridge's parents.

Allow me to explain. Bringing up Charlie appears on the 'tackily titled' (their words, dear reader) blogroll of a wonderful site called The Party Times. I link back to them, too. It's an excellent resource for all manner of party fayre and their web page is edited, apparently, by the lovely Pippa Middleton (a fact I confess I was very happy to discover this morning).

Now, Miss Middleton's parents are moving house. Not only is this big news for the Daily Mail (over 1500 words worth, courtesy of Paul Scott) but because their daughter edits a site that includes a link to a blog (I danced with a man, who danced with a girl...) that was less than gushing in its assessment of the Queen's diamond jubilee, it has given the Mail an excuse to issue stern warnings to the Middletons that they should: 'ensure there is nothing on their self-promoting website that could offend their daughter’s royal in-laws.'

Here's the post in question: I didn't think it was too critical. But according to the Daily Mail it's an 'anti-monarchist tract' and proof that the 'the striving Middletons' have 'taken their eye off the ball' as they 'continue their inexorable social rise'.

Oh dear!

As I 'ruminated churlishly on the Queen’s Jubilee' and 'wrote mockingly' about the flotilla while 'poking fun at the pop concert' I was putting them in grave jeopardy. Apparently.

Still, as the 'paper itself goes on to say, at least The Royal Family will be 'unfazed by such puerile witterings...'

Me too, Paul.

But don't be too hard on yourself. Takes one to know one, as they say.

Update: since posting this I have been inundated by at least three requests to provide a link to the original Daily Mail article. So that was it.

Goes against the grain, yknow...
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