Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Little actions, big difference...

That's the motto of this year's Proctor and Gamble Future Friendly Awards. If, like me, you're daunted by the scale of the problem (saving the planet) the zeal of the converted and the awesomeness of what everyone else is doing, it can be difficult to get going.

But get going I have. Earlier this year, you might recall, I bought a compost bin. That's quite something for a bloke without a garden. It's big. (It's bloody HUGE!) But it's already filling up nicely with all the stuff I'd normally chuck out after preparing the family supper. And there's a lot more of that than there was before. Because, in an effort to save both money and the planet as well as feed the family healthily, I've taken to preparing meals from scratch. I even make my own chips. (Yes, I know I said healthily but come on, man cannot live by lettuce alone... and we're saving that for the tadpoles.)

Anyway, your own chips make a lot of potato peelings. And making everything else makes a lot of mess, too. Mess that before would have gone to landfill. Mess that is now making my very own compost. Think Mr Bloom, only smaller. (The Compostarium, that is, not me. I think I've got at least a foot on Mr Bloom judging by the way he hardly has to bend his back to greet the 'Tiddlers'. And if you've no idea what on earth I'm on about, join the club have a look at this.)

And not content with that, Charlie persuaded me to buy a little windowsill herb garden the other day. (I wasn't kidding about not having a garden, you know.) It can go with all the other things he's growing, like random beans and a sunflower. Because growing things has been the theme at nursery just recently. Well, farming actually. We're doing it on a micro scale, that's all. Boutique farming, that's what it is.

Anyway, all this bucolic rambling is by way of alerting you to the Proctor and Gamble Future Friendly Awards because YOU ONLY HAVE UNTIL SUNDAY TO ENTER! Do it here, right now. Go on. Do it.

Admit it. I've inspired you with all that rubbish, haven't I?

Oh, ok then...

Then maybe you can inspire me to even bigger, better 'little' actions? What are your best 'Future Friendly' tips both for saving the planet and saving the pennies? Leave a comment below and share your ideas and you could win one of FIVE special 5 P&G Future Friendly product hampers consisting of:

  • Ariel Gel
  • Ariel Stain Remover
  • Lenor
  • Fairy Platinum
  • Fairy Liquid
  • Flash

...each of which can be used to help you be even more Future Friendly by saving energy, water and reducing waste. (Please note the Pampers aren't included - sorry!).

Anyway, if you'd like to be in it to win it you have until midnight on Sunday to share your own favourite little actions. Remember, together they could make a big difference.

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