Tuesday, 8 May 2012

How to make a robot costume

Simple pleasures eh?

I've blogged before about the enormous pleasure to be had from a cardboard box. Kids love 'em, there are often exciting things in them and if they're big enough, at the end of the day knackered parents can hide in them. You can also use boxes of a certain size as lids for your little ones (think mute for a trumpet) which is where we got the inspiration for this Bank Holiday craft project.

Take one cardboard box; cut two holes for the eyes; cut two more for arms; paint the whole thing grey; decorate, and - bingo! You've got yourself a robot costume.

Easy as...

1. Cutting the holes 

2. Painting the box

3. Adding some robotic decorations...

4. ... and a clothes-hanger for the antenna 

I'm not into detailed instructions and step-by-step guides but I'll just add that it makes sense to try the box on your little one's head and mark the best place for eye/arm holes first. Oh, and don't attack the cardboard with the scissors while they're still inside. And finally, a little tip I picked up recently but I suspect the whole world has known about for ages. But in case - like me - you didn't, a little drop of PVS glue mixed with the paint prevents it flaking and chipping during the inevitable rough handling such a toy is likely to get.

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