Monday, 14 May 2012

Missing - one passport.

Last seen doing completely unnecessary service as supporting document to a CRB application. Another CRB application. Because despite already having one (a CRB certificate, that is, not a passport - I had one of those until recently, but not any more); in spite of my CRB still having a year-and-a-half to run; in spite of the fact that I've probably had more Criminal Record Checks than you've had hot dinners (pardonable exaggeration) thanks to many years working in a classroom, it was deemed necessary - nay, essential - for me to undergo the procedure yet again when I volunteered to become a member of the committee at Charlie's pre-school nursery.

Now I'm not against security checks. Where children are concerned there should be no compromise. But I fail to see the need to have two valid certificates running simultaneously. It's like being asked to take another driving test if you move to another county. Or needing another passport every time you visit a different country.

I hardly need a CRB check at all in my role as nursery school committee member. All I do is attend meetings, run their website and Facebook page (do take a look, by the way) and help out updating policies. I'm never - nor would ever want to be - in a position where I'm alone with any of the children. And provided there is other (vetted) adult supervision that's really all that matters. There's an awful lot of misunderstanding when it comes to adults in a school or nursery environment. I've heard that some school refuse author visits if the person concerned isn't CRB checked, in spite of the fact that - unless they're going to be in a situation where they're unsupervised at any time - they shouldn't need to be.

It's all rather heavy-handed and unnecessary. Meanwhile, I've just had to queue at the Post Office for another passport application form (Why do they make you go to the counter for them?) as well as fork out five quid for some passport photos. 'Adopt a neutral expression', the machine said and 'don't smile'.

Don't smile? Don't make me laugh. Being told your new passport is going to cost over seventy quid is hardly very amusing, the more so as the circumstances surrounding the loss of the old one were so utterly avoidable.

No wonder I look grumpy in the passport photos.
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