Thursday, 26 April 2012

UK in Double Dip Recession

So, it's official. We're in recession. Again. In spite of everything that's been said and done, in spite (or should that be because?) of the austerity measures a decline on 0.3% in the first quarter of 2012 means we've hit a double-dip recession, we've super-sized the slide and ordered extra fries on the side.

Oh dear. If, like me, you've got a family to run things aren't going to be easy. But there are strategies you can employ and there is help to be had. One source of money-saving tips, advice and assistance is My Family Club and they're giving away a free e-book packed with advice for balancing the family budget and making what you have to spend go further. Written by Debbie O'Connor (@motivatingmumuk) it contains suggestions for keeping control of your shopping, strategies for saving money by couponing and a host of self-assessment questionnaires and tools to give you a better understanding of your spending habits. And - like membership of My Family Club itself - it's free!

To receive your copy, I'd like you to share your money-saving tips. Leave a comment with just one - your best - piece of recession-busting wisdom and the book is yours. Only, do make sure you don't sign in anonymously as I'll need to be able to email you the book by return.

Oh, and if anyone has any tips for George Osborne too I'm sure he'd be very grateful. Looks like he needs all the help he can get.

This post is sponsored by My Family Club - money saving for families made easy.
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