Tuesday, 24 April 2012

And then this one time...

All this talk of BlogCamp recently is making me nervous. Like anything (like blogging) you've been doing for a while, people start to assume you must be something of an expert.

photo courtesy of Lachlan Donald (@lox)

Well I'm going to come clean. I'm not. I know a bit of stuff and I enjoy learning bits and pieces more. I've helped several people now to establish blogs of their own on a variety of platforms. But when the tweets start flying from events like BlogCamp I start worrying.

Here are just some of the things I'd like explaining, not all of them by any means confined exclusively to the world of blogging, but all of them with some connection.

First, crowd-sourcing as in 'crowd-sourced posts' or 'crowd-sourced speakers'. Now I think I might know what this means, but I'm never certain; nor am I certain why - if I've understood it correctly - it seems to cover groups of people ranging from the small to the unfeasibly large.

Anyway, next up is a word that I'm utterly baffled by. In fact, the word is 'word', key word to be precise.  Now I kinda know what these should be are but I always get the feeling that definition is inadequate. Because the so-called key words brought up on searches or when Google AdWords 'crawls' my site (urghh!) bear no resemblance to my blog content whatsoever. Let's just say I was using AdWords to suggest the key words most relevant to my site. Would they really be things like pie, balloon and bookcase? And if they were, what in the name of all that's good am I supposed to do with that information?

Next, Tags. And meta-tags. I assume the former is an online version of that game we used to play as children ('you're it!). And the latter? A bigger version of the same thing? Search me... but if you do, make sure you use an appropriate engine.

Permalink - like permafrost, something to be avoided at all costs I would've thought. Unless, that is, you know different.

Search terms. Of all the things that confuse me about blogging and the interweb of intrigue, this is perhaps the worst. I mean, how - please tell me, how - does the term 'first pregnant man' relate to my blog? I have, of course, used all three words on many occasions in sperate contexts. But never together. Never even in close proximity to one another. So how (a) does this search term get you here, and (b) does knowing that help me in any way? And there are worse, dear reader. Much worse.

Finally, there are those referring sites. Now Google I can understand. And Twitter too, and Facebook. But why some random coach hire company in London should be top amongst sites leading to Bringing up Charlie is perhaps the biggest mystery of all. Especailly as - when I search the site - I can see no reference to my blog at all.

You know what I need? I need BlogCamp. In the meantime, if you can help any any of the above I'd be very grateful. There may be cake in it for you.
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