Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Make fresh pasta with Aldo Zilli

At the launch of MFEST at Morrison's HQ recently we had an opportunity to do something I love - namely, watch someone else, an expert, do the cooking.

I do love watching other people cook; I love cookery programmes on the telly; and it turns out Charlie quite likes watching a chef at work, too. He's certainly not in any way in awe of Aldo Zilli as he makes fresh pasta for the assembled bloggers (Jen, Cass, Annwen).

The basic recipe involves 200g of flour (plus extra for dusting), a pinch of salt, a little semolina,
2 medium eggs plus1 egg yolk and a little water. And you don't even need a pasta cutter. Although Signore Zilli cut some of his pasta on what looked like a small harp, you can simply roll the dough and cut it with a knife (as he did, off camera).

Oh, and talking of cameras, if the footage is shaky it's because I had an excited one-year-old on my knee. It's a wonder I got anything worth watching when you think about it. But worth watching it was. And the result was certainly worth eating!

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