Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sunday Supplement

An eclectic mix of reviews this morning, beginning with a timely addition to our medical box.

When Tommy Tippee asked if we'd like to test out their Closer to Nature digital ear thermometer we had no idea that within a day or two of its arrival we'd be putting it to regular use every couple of hours as Eloise succumbed to one of those mystery viral infections that brings a sudden increase in temperature and attendant complications - ranging in this case from crankiness to the desire to sleep for large parts of the day.

Using any kind of thermometer on a small child and being sure of getting an accurate reading is likely to be problematic. Holding the probe - any probe - into whichever orifice it is designed to be inserted for the required length of time can be tricky. So you want a gadget such as this to be as quick and easy to operate as possible. As quick and easy, in fact, as if you've just taken it out of the box for the first time in a bit if a hurry because you've just discovered your child running a temperature and you want to find out precisely what it is.

As a means of road-testing an essential piece of nursery equipment, it's got to be pretty effective. But next time I'd be happy to wait or to try out something without having such an immediate medical need. Thankfully Eloise's temperature is back to normal, a fact I can vouchsafe thanks to the ease of use and accuracy of the Tommee Tippee device..

Next, boots. Boots made for walking. For walking quite a long way every morning to nursery, in fact. Being a one-car family (and being the one without it for most of the time) my daily commute involves legging it on Shanks's pony up to four times daily. (Charlie's pre-school doesn't provide all-day care, necessitating collection at the end of the morning and delivery again for the afternoon session!) What I need, I need hardly tell you, is stout shoes - I prefer boots, in fact, with some ankle support - and Josef Seibel have supplied a rather smart pair for me to try out on this daily pound. I can tell you that they're comfortable and smart; I can tell you that they're stylish; I can tell you that I like wearing them and that they seem robust. What I can't tell you is where to find a pair for yourself and what I can't do is show you a picture because the pair they've sent seem mysteriously absent from their website.

There's no such problem with the little Lego box that Charlie's been reviewing this week. Here's a picture of what he's been playing with...

And here's a short clip of him playing with it.

This little box is good because it comes with a set of four templates and Charlie has become adept at both sorting the right bricks and then assembling each of the creatures. Furthermore, as you'll have seen, he doesn't stop there but uses his imagination to combine the bricks into new objects of his own making. It's a big hit and the set can be had for as little as £14.99 on Amazon - money well spent considering the endless hours of fun it's provided.

You can see what we're going to be doing for the rest of the weekend. 

Have a good Sunday.


  1. Well Lego is what weekends were invented for! -HMx

  2. Super post. A great thermometer is vital as is lego! Thanks for sharing.


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