Thursday, 2 February 2012

What a load of rubbish!

Who'd have thought recycling could be so good, so cheap and so much fun?

As my regular reader will tell you, I've signed up for The Rubbish Diet - Karen Cannard's plan to slim my bin with the ultimate aim of achieving a zero-waste week at the end of the eight-week challenge.

So far, so good.

Does my bin look big in this?

And now - the pièce de résistance - this little beauty (above) will not only provide me with free compost and put an end to the ridiculous amount of biodegradable food waste we at present send to landfill, but the item in question was a bargain, a snip, a steal at just £5 - five pounds! - in Wilko the other day.

And if that isn't enough to send you in search of your own compostarium, or if putting your potato peelings to good use isn't your idea of fun, just take a toddler along and convince him (or her) that they can walk around the store with the compost bin on their head, dropping to the floor (à la Toy Story 2) whenever a dangerous-looking shopping trolley heads their way...

Honestly, I had no idea being so green was going to be such good fun.
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