Thursday, 12 January 2012

A Dirty Movie

You like it dirty? Do you? really? Well then this ain't the post for you! This is clean and mean and probably lean. This is what to do with your carpets after the Christmas invasion. This is what to do after the relatives have been.

When I was asked to try the Vax Ultra Rapide carpet washer I confess I was a little sceptical. Not, I should point out, of its undoubted ability to suck the grime from even the grubbiest carpet. No. But at our need for such a thorough, deep pile de-dirt device.

How wrong can you be?

I can now say with complete conviction that not only does the Vax clean, not only is it child's play to use, not only does it dry incredibly quickly, but my carpets needed it. Oh, how they needed it. So now, with all the zeal of a convert, I'm about to Vax the whole house. I'll Vax yours too if you ask me. For a small fee. Maybe.

In the meantime, want to see a dirty movie?

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