Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Further to my Pot Noodle post the other day I know that several of you were concerned about my dietary well being (ok, a couple of people said something on Twitter). So, I thought I'd tell you what I've had to eat this evening: salmon linguine, cooked especially for me by my wife (she who promised to obey) and accompanied by a light, refreshing blend of Chardonnay and Sauvignon blanc courtesy of Stowell's of Chelsea.

Now, I don't think of myself as a wine writer (although I'm always open to offers!) but I do enjoy the stuff, never more so than when accompanying a plate of wonderful food. I could go on about the melon, pear and apricot aromas or the balance of fresh acidity with a hint of sweetness but I won't. Because - believe it or not - that isn't the most important feature of this new range. Because at just 60 calories for a 125ml glass (30% less  than a typical glass of wine) and with an APV of just 5.5 per cent, Stowell's Light (in red, rose and white) offers an opportunity for sensible seasonal and all-year-round drinking at a fraction of the usual alcohol levels - but without the usual compromise on taste.

They sent tonight's bottle therefore this is, of course, a sponsored post. But what they don't know is that I've been searching for something like this for years - not least at this indulgent time of year. Soft drinks just don't 'do it' at the office party, so the idea of something full of flavour but light on calories and alcohol is intriguing. Suffice to say, this won't be the first bottle we'll be having.

So, let's raise a glass of Stowell's Light, chink glasses and say 'Cheers!' And know that, in the watches of the night when the kids wake up, or when the the first sounds of morning are heard far, far too early, there'll be none of the usual groaning and gnashing of teeth (to say nothing of steering the porcelain bus). You'll wake up with a clear head, ready to face the morning.

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