Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Are you ready?

Got the turkey ordered? Sprouts sorted? Presents wrapped and cards posted?

No, me neither. Never mind. Help is at hand and I'll be guiding you in the direction of some useful tips for Christmas Day tomorrow. Today, though, Christmas has come early for *drumroll* Adventure Mother, winner of the Green Giant 'Five-A-Day' challenge and author of this handy tip for getting kids to eat their greens, on Christmas Day and every day:

Blending vegetables and mixing them into gravy has always worked for my kids. It works particularly well for cottage pie. I make it with lean beef and finely chopped onions, then add whole peas (the only green thing they will eat whole) and blended carrot and spinach. You could even mash swede or parsnip into the potato topping for an extra dose of your 5 a day!

Pretty crafty, eh? Runners up included Sarah Hague who wrote that 'making a nice vegetable soup always works. You can throw in all the stuff they don't like and it'll come out magically delicious. Especially with croutons.' And Expat Mum suggested we 'puree them (the veggies, not the kids) and add to pasta sauce. Since most kids like pasta, it's fairly fool proof. If yours won't eat red sauce, you can add spinach to pesto and Voila! With red sauce, you can puree a ton of different veggies in there and it doesn't really change the taste. Spinach adds a lovely nutty taste though. Best to do it a tablespoon at a time to get them used to it though. Wink!'

Thanks for all the tips and - believe me - they will be tried and tested and tweaked and then tried again. You can find more five-a-day tips on the Green Giant Facebook Page and, talking of the jolly Green one, here's his Christmas message to you all...

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