Monday, 7 November 2011

The Neato XV15

That's a 'robotic all-floor vacuum system' for the uninitiated. Or 'Robot Vac' for short.

I don't know what it is about this blog and vacuum cleaners. I've been sent several to review (in spite of being rude about this one) and still they come. Do they think I like vacuum cleaning? Well, maybe not in the case of the Neato XV15, because it does it for you. It wanders round the house rather like a sweet little electronic dog. And not only are its environmental credentials better (did you know owning a dog does more harm to the planet than owning a car?) instead of making mess it cleans it up. Beautifully. Just look at this...

Like the Daleks it doesn't do stairs, but that's about the only limitation I found. Apart from the fact that the company wanted the blessed thing back after far too short a trial. I mean, how could you? Of all the things I've been asked to test in the course of writing this blog, this is one I covet most. But at an eye-watering £399 (and that's on Amazon) it's back to the Dyson for me I'm afraid.

Unless there are any generous benefactors out there with a cool 400 quid to spare.

After all, it's doing no good in the bank these days, is it?
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