Saturday, 29 October 2011

Feed the Birds Day

That's today, in case you weren't aware - Saturday 29th October. I'm not quite sure who said it should be so, but to mark the occasion Natures Feast sent Charlie was sent one of these the other day.

No, not another cardboard box. We're not making things again. (See yesterday's post for things to do with cardboard cartons.) No, for once it was what was in the box that was more exciting than the box itself - a bird feeder.

We filled it up; we hung it out; we waited. And within minutes, the birds arrived and we were playing 'bird bingo' using the downloadable guide on the Nature's Feast website.

But don't worry. If you've not been sent something similar in the post today you can still join in with the bird-feeding festival by making your own bird feeder, thanks to this easy-to-do activity on the RSPB Wildlife Explorers website.

Happy twitching!
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