Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Get a hands free kit!

I promised you some holiday snaps (see previous post) and here they come. First, this...

Bet you weren't expecting that were you? Neither was I on a sunny Thursday afternoon at a payage on the Autoroute in France. It's a common enough site here in Boston as lorries thunder by us as we walk to nursery. I often wish I had a camera. On holiday, of course, I did - at least, on my 'phone. (My wife was driving in case you're thinking this is a case of pots and kettles!)

What beats me about these guys (and they do all seem to be guys - I've never seen a lady lorry driver on the 'phone) isn't the reckless stupidity or the arrogant disregard of other people's safety as much as the sheer idiocy of putting their job in jeopardy for the sake a forty quid or less. Surely if you spend your life behind the wheel you could even claim it back against tax as an essential item? Whatever. But if you're a lorry driver on the 'phone you have been warned! I may just start carrying my camera more often.

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