Friday, 17 June 2011

Fatherhood Festival: Day Six

Well, well, as week of posts with giveaways galore is slowly drawing to a close. There's something really special tomorrow - really! Not that any of the fantastic giveaways haven't been special in their own way. And to kick things off today, I thought I'd better tell you the score so far.

Trish @mumsgoneto... 1 (box of Hotel Chocolat chocolates)
Emma @EmApocolypic 1 (box of the same).

Nice start - a score draw.

Next there was the USB mug-warmer and the winner of this is (struggles with oversize gold envelope)...

Need2Know Books (a twitter entry, that - and a little embarrassing because they're the publishers of this little volume, described in reviews yesterday as:

"... simply a jolly good book" and
"a book I wish I'd read years ago"

Not that Charlie knows any of this. And it's his choice as he spins the wheel of fortune (or arrow up/down keys on my computer) to determine the lucky winner.

Anyway, never fear. There were three special bars of Toblerone on offer yesterday (and don't forget to enter the competition to win a trip to Switzerland) and they've all gone to:

Steve Bloggertroplolis, and...

And talking of winners, did you see that the 2011 Father of the Year has been announced? It's Peter Andre. Again. You can read what I think of the competition here and the result inspired a post by Very Bored in Catalunya yesterday which I could have written myself. All of which rather begs the question what - exactly - does make a great dad? I've seen dozens of tribute-posts to fathers this week - some funny, some profound and all of them moving in some way. So today - rather than just leave a comment - I'm asking for a one-line answer to the question: what makes a great dad? If you had to choose just one quality, what would it be - and why?

As usual, there's a reward. I'm not asking you to do something for nothing. Because three lucky winners stand to benefit from the largesse of Cadbury today as I've got one each of these Father's Day specials to give away. First up is the Dairy Milk Classic – A special 1kg bar that’s been personalised for Father’s Day - ideal for dads who simply love the unique and creamy taste of Cadbury Dairy Milk:
Next come the Bonanza Box – Reward your dad the hero with this ultimate box of treats bursting with bite-size chocolate goodies.  This is a gift that’s great for sharing with the whole family – if dad’s willing to share, that is!

Finally, for Beer-loving Dads there's the Organic Beer Gift Set – A great chocolate survival kit for Father's Day with award-winning organic beer and a variety of the nation’s favourite chocolate! The set includes a 400g Cadbury Dairy Milk bar along with Heroes, Crunchie Rocks and two St. Peter’s beers - which could be yours for just the price of a comment telling me what makes a great dad and why.

Should you be unlucky in the draw, blame Charlie. But, of course, these Cadbury specials are all available to buy. And tomorrow? Well, you'll have to come back to find out what's in store for the Fatherhood Father's Day Festival finale.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with my daughter's thoughts on the subject of Fatherhood, in a poem she wrote a couple of years ago, aged 11. It's called, appropriately, 'Daddy'.

A person you can talk to
When you're feeling low,
It's nice to know you always
Have somewhere warm to go.

A daddy is a soulmate,
Who holds your hands in his palms,
And then he love and cradles you
In his big, safe daddy arms.

A daddy would do anything,
If you asked him to,
And I want you to love me Daddy,
That's all I ask of you.

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  1. 1quality- presence -its about being there no matter what.

    You dont need days out, toys and money. Just to know that whether you get life right or wrong to have a dad you know will still be there for you


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