Sunday, 12 June 2011

The Fatherhood Festival: Day One

I was having a bit of a Twitter discussion a while ago about whether Sunday or Monday was the start of the week. While Sunday is most definitely part of le weekend it isn't - despite of what many people think - the seventh day 'on which God rested' and all that. That day - being the Sabbath, the one you have to 'Remember to keep holy' according to the Ten Commandments - is actually Saturday, the Jewish Shabbat. (In fact it isn't really Saturday, strictly speaking, or not all of it. The Jewish Shabbat starts at sundown on Friday and ends twenty-four hours later.) I know, dear reader, I know. That source of all wisdom CBeebies has - technically - got it wrong but Christian teaching is (usually) quite clear about the fact that Sunday is the first day of the week. New religion, new beginning and all that. Although (for any historians reading) I should point out that the practical move to Sunday was a Roman idea, and was in deference to their old favourite god Sol Invictus - the Sun.

Anyway, all that is just a long-winded attempt to justify the fact that day one of my eight-day Father's Day Festival is today. All week I'll be posting something relevant to fathers and fatherhood, being a dad and doing a better job of it. There'll also be daily prizes, giveaways, links and other goodies. You really can't afford to miss it!

And why, you're asking, is this happening? Well, if you haven't heard my latest book - Fatherhood: The Essential Guide - is now out. It's been described as:

(Diary of a Dad)
as well as 
(Madhouse Family Reviews)

Duncan Fisher, OBE, founder of The Fatherhood Institute called it an inspiration for mothers and fathers alike and I'm delighted that it seems to have struck a chord with so many people. It even secured a coveted feature slot in BertM@il - the in-house trade newsletter of book distributers Bertrams - on Friday:

It's published by Need2Know books (ISBN: 978-1-86144-122-5) and is available from their website, on Amazon or from your local bookshop. I'll be signing copies at Cybermummy in a couple of weeks time as well. And to celebrate publication I'm having an entire week's worth of fatherhood-related posts and prizes starting today. Because - on the subject of books - you can create your very own personalised gift for Father's Day on the Love2Read site and get a 25% discount on the price by entering the code CHARLIE in the coupon code box on the checkout page.

Love2Read produce a range of personalised reading books made up of your favourite photos accompanied by a simple text for your child read along with dad. And what dad wouldn't enjoy being the star of his own bedtime story? This is a Father's Day gift for the whole family to treasure forever and you can order one now with this unique discount code. But hurry! Because the final day for Father's Day orders is tomorrow. Which is, of course, Monday. The day of the Moon - the earth's lesser light - and the second day of the week.


  1. Sunday - definitely end of the week for me. Miserable Monday is always the start.

  2. I dunno Steve... seems nice to start the week with a day off if you ask me. Just a shame you can't start the week as you mean to go on!


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