Thursday, 16 June 2011

Fatherhood Festival: Day Five

People often ask me what the best thing about being a dad is. And I pause before I answer - not because I'm not sure what to say. No. There are a thousand and one answers from the enormous privilege and pleasure of sharing the joy of learning day-to-day of another human being to the satisfaction of somehow feeling you've done right by your immortal genes, that this was what you were put here for, that there's nothing more important than being a dad (or mum).

But the real reason I hesitate is because I don't want to appear too keen to admit that one of the best things about being a dad is being allowed to play all over again, to revisit your own past and have an even better time second time around because there's nobody telling you it's bath-time and you've got to pack your toys away. The Hornby OO train-set is already bought. I know. And those Thunderbird toys we made? Well, of course they were for Charlie. Ahem.

So it's appropriate as part of these Fatherhood Festival giveaway posts to have something dual-purpose to offer as a prize. Yes. This, courtesy of Kerry Power and the Digital Outlook Duplo team.

I know. And then there's one of these, thanks to the generosity of Lydia Ford at Norton and Company.

Contain yourself dads. All you have to do is... well, you know by now. And if you don't, may I refer you to any one of the last four posts. Comments, tweets, facebook updates, you name it (the book, that is) and it probably counts. You can enter more than once. But you have to get your entry in before midnight. Because tomorrow is another day. Day six, to be precise. And there'll be a whole lot more to give away tomorrow.

Good luck!

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