Sunday, 22 May 2011

Sunday supplement

Having only just written about the world of electronic wizardry, today I'm turning back the clock to tell you about this: a wonderful site which promises hours of fun in the world of wooden toys. The people behind it were kind enough to send Charlie this wooden easel, and just look what he got up to:
First, painting on the pull-down roll of paper - with any spills collected on the built-in tray
Next, chalking on the chalk-board
...what a clever boy!
... and when you've tired of doing that, you can play with the magnetic letters on the other side.

Sometimes, simple pleasures are best. We bought Eloise a Bumbo chair this week because she likes sitting up so much. And it came in an enormous box, which has been Charlie's favourite toy ever since. And that's the philosophy behind The Wooden Toy Shop. It almost seems incongruous to add the ''. But you can find them and their extensive range of traditional toys on line precisely there.

Elsewhere - on the supermarket shelves, to be precise - you might find these:

If, like me, you sometimes struggle to fill the lunch-box with nutritional goodies, these new custard-coated apple and banana flakes might be just the thing. They're tasty and they've proved a popular addition to lunch boxes here. Meanwhile, on the bookshop shelves look out for this:

Out in time for Father's Day and covering everything from how to change a nappy to bonding with your baby, Fatherhood – The Essential Guide takes a down-to-earth look at everything a dad might need to know. Taking dads from the first thoughts of starting a family to the brink of starting school, it deals with everything a dad might need to know as well as containing more than a bit for mums about what their partners might be thinking. 

You can buy it on Amazon or on the publisher's own website and if you're struggling to think of something to buy for Father's Day, well... modesty prevents me from stating the obvious! 

Have a lovely Sunday. We're off to a Christening today - a useful dress-rehearsal (literally, in some cases) for the one we've got planned for Eloise next week. While I'm away, I'll leave you in the company of the Fairy Hobmother. A couple of weeks ago I left a comment on Muddling Along's site on a post in which she'd briefly mentioned this bestower of blogging largesse (who visits courtesy of Appliances Online, which sells cookers, washing machines and a whole lot besides). I didn't think much more about it. But then, a few days ago, he/she paid me a visit and rewarded me for leaving a comment with the gift of a very generous Amazon voucher. And I can now pass on some fairy dust to you. All you have to do is leave a comment. It doesn't matter what you write. And next time, she might pick you! It's like a lucky dip. There's even a hashtag (#FairyHobmother) so you can follow the excitement on Twitter.

So now it's over to you.

Good luck!


  1. Just to say your book looks brilliant. I'll try to get it for England's Lane Books! @elbookshop on Twitter. Have a great week.


  2. I've been following the fairy hobmother all over the internet in the hope that I might be one of the lucky ones! It's a great idea that has brought Appliances Online onto my radar (I'm saving for an oven for my house and it's definitely given me some ideas of what I'd like) and it has also introduced me to lots of interesting and informative blogs that I may not of otherwise stumbled across.

    Keep up the good work fairy hobmother - I've got everything crossed!


  3. What a cutie :) And love the easel, need one of these for Little M so that he won't draw on the wall!

  4. Harry got a wooden easel for his second birthday - the perfect-looking natural wood is now covered in lots of felt tip, but I think the important thing is that he enjoys it.

    (Here it is during better days

  5. Good morning Tim,

    Thanks for the great ideas you always share in your Blog. Lovely post today, and I think I'll get one of those easels to help avoiding my baby from painting the wall.

    Kind regards from Spain,


  6. What a lovely blog you have. Nice to see a man's view. You really deserved your lovely pressie from the Fairy Hobmother.


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