Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Boob job

You've got to love Twitter, haven't you? Within minutes of my despairing tweet this morning about Eloise's refusal - point blank - to take a bottle I had a whole raft of suggestions, mostly helpful, many practical and at least one that was downright laughable, including:

To get to the point, we'll try them all (well, maybe not the last one) until we find something that works. We can't really complain about Eloise's feeding habits though. She took to the breast within minutes of her birth and seems to have had no problems feeding ever since. Maybe that's the reason something artificial, like a bottle, seems so wrong to her? Whatever the cause, we've got to find a solution - and soon. And preferably one that stops short of radical surgery.

After all, I could never have a boob job.

I haven't got the bottle... unlike her!


  1. Amazing the information you can find on Titter.....erm, Twitter!

  2. So not going down the Elton John route then


  3. How about hiring a wet nurse? You may have to sample a few yourself before alighting on the right one...! ;-)

  4. We had exactly the same problem, and found that a doidy cup (we got ours from John Lewis but I'm sure they're available from all good retailers(!)) worked wonders - the theory is that they can see the milk coming so know when to drink and when to breathe.

    As a breastfeeding peer supporter, I've known lots of Mums have success with them, but it'll just depend on what Eloise decides she's happy with

    PS Try using expressed milk, so at least the smell and taste are the same!

  5. What an excellent idea Steve! Why didn't I think of that?

    We've tried expressed mile Mrs P, but unless my wife is giving her the bottle she still objects quite strongly. I think the cub might be the way forward. Fingers crossed!

  6. I know with some moms, it has to do with the bottle. The BornFree bottles seems to work with a lot of babies. Try coating the tip with a bit of of breastmilk or whatever you are using and let the baby lick a bit. Does the baby even like the milk? If it's something new, you may want to test using something either than a bottle first. Keep at it and good luck!

  7. Well she likes it from the breast Susan, so we think it must be something to do with the bottle. We've tried several different shapes and makes but not exhaustively; I suppose it's a case of 'trial and error'. It's certainly rather trying!

  8. Having had both mine refuse bottles (usually days before I was due back at work... sigh) you need to arm yourself with every possible design of teat you can find and try them all

    The owner of the boobs needs to leave the house - if you are even in the next room they know and will not take the bottle

    The bottle refusnik needs to be hungy but not too hungry, make sure the milk is warm (are you using expressed milk or formula? if its formula it'll need to be hotter to make up for the fact it tastes grim when compared to breastmilk), cuddle up like they are being breastfed (ie really tucked in close) but then some babies prefer to be given bottles in a completely different position - for a while Bigger would only have them sat in a high chair with the bottle being held at arms' length...

    And keep going... and keep going... and make sure once you have them taking a bottle they take one every day or they will go back to wanting the boob

    And why should you blame them? Milk tastes great, is perfect temperature, you get a milky cuddle and no faffing around warming bottles

    Good luck and remember both my boob obsessed milk addicts did take bottles... eventually

  9. That's fantastic advice Hannah - thanks! And we'll try it all; we've got to - the end of maternity leave is nigh!

  10. Don't stress!! If baby is hungry enough she'll take it. If she doesn't? She'll survive and possibly reverse cycle - feed much more from mum before and after work and just not bother during the day! Just be prepared for the night feeds to go up!!

  11. I think I have spent more time in my time as a parent lamenting over feeding and food than any other problem at all. Tommee Tippee have bottles that are shaped similar to a breast. Have you given those a go? They are called closer to nature.
    Good luck Dotterel, feeding has really given me a few more wrinkles in 4 short years.


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