Thursday, 5 May 2011

5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Thunderbird 2 is go! Complete with detachable pod and Thunderbird 4, of course. Here's one I made earlier...

And all you need - should you be bored or foolish enough to want have a go yourselves - is a few empty bottles and containers like these...

A shampoo bottle, one of those little Sodastream sample sachets, and the plastic box that Eloise's dummies came in. (Yes, I'm afraid we've succumbed to the soother!). As we're looking to play with these in the bath (where else could Thunderbird 4 go on his underwater missions?) I've excluded Charlie from the painting stage this time, and done the job myself. Outside. With some cans.

In fact, I've had to exclude Charlie from the cutting stages too, as you need a fairly strong knife to slice through the plastic. Be careful! But he was allowed to draw round the pod so I could cut out the correct shape.

If you are having a go (and why wouldn't you?) remember to keep the bits of plastic that you cut out: they'll be needed for the wings and fins (easily fitted by means of cutting slits in the plastic and slotting them in). And after that it's just a small matter of adding detail with a marker pen, and away you go. F.A.B.

Apart from the painting (which didn't take long to do, just a while to dry) this is about one of the simplest, quickest crafting projects we've done. Ok, it's not very hands-on for a toddler. Well, not until near the end, anyway...

Charlie's verdict? 'That's fantastic!' And a lot less than the forty quid they want on eBay at the moment.


  1. That is pretty damned cool! Now make yourself a Blue Peter badge - you've earnt it!

  2. Awesome work. Charlie is one lucky little guy.

  3. If my husband had tried to do that with our son there would have been blood, sweat, tears and copious amounts of duct tape. I take my hat off to you!

  4. You know, Steve, I always coveted a Blue Peter badge... making me own is probably my best chance of getting it now!

    Thanks Polly. He thinks so... well, he's very pleased with himself, anyway.

    At least your husband would be qualified to deal with the blood, Trish. Hopefully not with duct tape, however!

  5. You should video these makes, get them on YouTube. And then you could do the out-takes. For some reason Kenny Everett's DIY "expert" springs to mind.

  6. ... or maybe 'DIY Dan' of Gigglebiz infamy, John! That's probably more 'me' unfortunately.

  7. Very cool. I do a nice line in cardboard box toys and glue gun is standard pice of equipment in our house

  8. That's a very good idea, Mark. I think it ought to be in our house, too.

  9. I love your rainbow table cloth. So cute! Where did you find it?

  10. Er, Dunelm I think Jen! It's rather groovy, isn't it?


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