Wednesday, 2 February 2011

A Taste of Honey...

As brought to you by the lovely people at Rowse. Watch out for their new ad campaign, coming soon on a TV near you. They've made them themselves, you know. And you can vote for your favourite here and get your own jar of the runny stuff. Oh, and you might have noticed there are three cakes missing. They were lovely.

And talking of honey-ed tones (ha ha), if you weren't awake at stupid o'clock last night you can hear mine here, along with comedian Susan Morrison and host, Tony Livesey. We were discussing whether having children makes you boring, and I rather fear I might have proved their point. Fast-forward to 1 hour 52 to see if you think so too. 

In my defence I'd like to say it was past midnight, I should have been in bed, in fact I HAD been in bed for about two hours earlier that evening. And that was just about the only sleep I got last night. I don't know about being boring, but having children is certainly pretty tiring. 

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