Friday, 21 January 2011

Psychology Friday: Taxi!

We were actually in one yesterday... a real one. You know, one of those London black cabs. So I took the opportunity to ask the driver how big his hippocampus was. And before I was summarily dumped in the middle of Ilford, I was treated to an excellent practical deliberation of Maguire's assertion that cabbies, well, have bigger ones than the rest of us. Brains, that is; specifically, hippocampi. Here, if you've never seen it before, is 'the knowledge'. And when you think of what they've got to do without the benefit of SatNav you've got to admit, this kind of brain training jolly well ought to lead to bigger mental biceps. And so it does. Which only goes go show that you're brain is pretty much like any other muscle... use it, or you lose it. And the more exercise, the better it gets. Possibly.

[Edit] In response to an overwhelming number of queries about the film this credit sequence comes from, here's the only clip (as far as I can gather) on YouTube. It's an absolute classic, and this scene(featuring the wonderful Nigel Hawthorne and Michael Elphick, to name but two) is one of the best. The film was written (of course) by the incomparable Jack Rosenthal, who penned a part for his wife, Maureen Lipman. Watch and enjoy. And - next time you're in a London cab - sit back and admire the driver's massive hippocampus...

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