Friday, 7 January 2011

Ashes to ashes

I'm going to miss the small hours entertainment of the Ashes. Well done England, we knew you could; we might not have been certain that you would; but you did. And it makes you wonder... Well, it makes me wonder - how much sooner might they have done the deed if only they'd had a bit more self-belief? It's taken twenty years for them to think that they can win down-under. Previous England sides have been packed with talent, yet they've been repeatedly rolled over by the reputation of Australia. Some of England's greatest players of the modern era weren't playing in this series: no Flintoff, Vaughan, Trescothick. Others who on their day could be destroyers (and who were in 2005) haven't featured for a while: Simon and Geraint Jones, Matthew Hoggard. And Ricky Ponting still bears the scar given to him at Lords by Steve Harmison. While no-one can decry the cricketing talent of this team, it's their psychological strength which has at last led to them achieving something worthy of their ability.
It's been great listening to the Test Match Special team (yes, even Sir Geoffrey) while Eloise has had a night-time feed. What I going to do without it? Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone4
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