Sunday, 12 December 2010

Sunday supplement

Batteries. You'll all be buying them. You know, for all those Christmas toys. I do. Except I don't. I usually forget. And then on Christmas day it's a 'mad' scramble to extract the batteries from anything and everything we've got in order to get the new toys up and running.
But what's this? A new battery from Duracell designed to last even longer? This could be what I've been waiting for. In fact, the new Duracell Ultra claims to be the most powerful battery ever, and I'd tell you if I thought it was because they sent me pack to try. But as I said to the PR rep the other day, I can't really comment yet because they've yet to go flat. And we've tried. I mean, just look...

Impressive, eh? That train's been round the tree about a thousand times since last Sunday. And we're still waiting.
While we are, let me tell you who won last week's Post Office voucher. It's none other than... (drumroll) Emma Button!
And the week before you might remember there were a couple of Fairy giveaways. So the two sweetest smelling blogging winners are... Utterly Scrummy (runner up) and Suzie who wins first prize. Well done to everyone, I'd say.

And don't forget those batteries!
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