Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas Music

I've posted this before, last year in fact but on another, little known site I sometimes update. So not many people saw it. Which was what I intended, really.

But this year? Well, I'm running out of things to say. You see, I'm writing these posts several days in advance in case, well... in case of you-know-what. It's D-Day (or, B-Day or 'due' day) plus one now, and at any moment we could be winging our way to the hospital for the our main event of the season. And someone asked me the other day what Christmas means to me. And I had the answer, right there and then in my hands in front of me. It was a sheet of paper with five lines (a stave) spattered with strange dots (or 'notes' as *ahem* we musicians like to call them...and they were strange - we were singing Poulenc).

But I digress. Being a singer, singing in choirs and all that usually means that Christmas is a frantic round of concerts, carols and post-performance parties. We've been rather light on the latter this year, but - as usual - there's been plenty of the former. Which is the way it's been every Christmas since I first - as a beardless youth - donned a cassock and sang 'Once in Royal David's City'. Etc.

I'm no longer a youth - or beardless, for that matter - and probably don't sing half as nicely as I did when I was a boy, although my hair in this video is almost as long as it was back then. So, for your amusement (and my embarrassment) here is a Christmas comic song performed especially for you by your humble blogging correspondent. The accompanist is Eric Wayman. You can give us your verdicts below, daaaarling.

Happy Christmas!
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