Sunday, 26 December 2010

Boxing Day

Of course, Christmas has only just begun. It's not all over, not yet. This is just day two. And if you follow the Orthodox calendar it doesn't even start until twelfth night. But to continue the theme begun in my last post, as a singer Christmas means music - lots of it - and Christmas Day, once all the concerts and carol services have finished, can sometimes seem something of an anti-climax. Which is a shame, really. Because this really is just day two of the season of goodwill, and St Stephen's Day to boot.

In case you're wondering, Stephen was the first Christian martyr, which is why he gets his day so close to the main man's. (St Paul - although then plain old Saul of Tarsus, tent-maker, held everyone's coats for them while they pelted Stephen to death with rocks, which doesn't seem very festive does it?) Anyway, you know what happened on the feast of Stephen, don't you? Yes, Good King Wenceslas looked out, that's what. So to keep the music playing, here's something you may have heard earlier but you have to hear again today. Join in if you know the words. Or even if you don't.

The Choir of York Minster is joined by Sir Thomas Allen... who sings a bit better than that chap catawauling on this page on Christmas Eve. The choirboy doesn't get a mention. But if you like your choirboys (a) getting a mention and (b) performing like a pocket diva, then have a quick peek at this version afterwards.

Altogether now...

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