Saturday, 20 November 2010

Saturday Review

You can tell it's getting close to Christmas, can't you? Carols and Christmas trees in all the stores, the festive lights turned on in towns and cities up and down the country and - if you're a blogger - a veritable avalanche of emails offering opportunities to review all manner of items in the hope that they'll be added to somebody's Christmas list. Actually, I'm not averse to getting those emails. At least not if they get my name and sex right. They always seem to find my blog 'amazing', 'marvelous', and 'fantastic' (even if some of them haven't read it) and heap on the superlatives until my ego is well and truly massaged. I swear one of them last week called me 'delicious'. Or was that my blog?

But I digress. A couple of weeks ago I offered one lucky reader the chance to win a Christmas hamper. Then last weekend I told you all about Simon Rose's new book, Games for the 21st Century Family. Well, Simon's kindly offered a signed copy of the book to another lucky reader. And what better way of deciding who then by using one of Simon's hi-tech games? So, by process of logical deduction, mathematical precision and cunning erudition (ok, we made numbers out of all the bloggers names and the fastest one to be de-coded became the winner - it's called Zebra 93272 and it's on page 136) the winners were *drumroll*...

LakesSingleMum (the book)



If you'd both like to email me I'll set in motion the train of events that will see your respective prizes winging towards your different abodes. But wait! There was another prize. I almost forgot the bottle of brand-new Aerial Stain-Remover Gel with Whitener. Mind you, as I never did get the sample that the PR promised me (no doubt whilst sweet-talking me about what a 'fab' blog I've got) I'm not sure I hold out much hope. Anyway, a swift game of 'rock, paper, pixels' (p.86) eliminated all but the Bloggertropolis himself, Steve. Well done Steve. Those whites will soon be whiter than white! If such a thing is possible.

I'm almost too tired after all that excitement to tell you about these goodies. Suffice to say they're all well worth putting on someone's Christmas list (I've seen them) and so I'm going to leave you with a nice picture and a link to a longer review.

First, a deliciously retro book with, as one blogger said, a 'deliciously retro cover'...

Next, the Best Counting Book Ever. Bold claim, but also a boldly and brightly illustrated book...

And finally, this. I must declare an interest in this last book: I'm its editor. Remember the creative writing e-course earlier this year? Well, this is the anthology, published yesterday and already raising plenty for Children in Need. And conveniently, you can order your copy right here and now, without leaving this blog. See that little 'add to cart' button on the right? That's all you need; it's as simple as that.

I suppose, as my own PR, I ought to be sending sycophantic emails to myself about that book. In fact, I might just do that. At least I'd get my own name right.

Have a great weekend!
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