Sunday, 17 October 2010

Sunday supplement

Remember my Friday post about Charlie and his train crashes? Well, I've found - or rather, been sent (courtesy of HelloBabyDirect) - a solution. It's the Brio Little Forest Train set starter kit and it's far, far too good to be crashed. There's a Brio train-set at the Wednesday toddler group we attend, and it's always the go-to toy of choice for Charlie. It doesn't make a noise, sing a song, flash any lights or move on its own but that doesn't seem to matter. Simple (and gentle) pleasures seem to suit Charlie. And so I might surreptitiously put Thomas and Friend out to grass...
In other news, Christmas is coming. Yes, it's under ten weeks away and you'll no doubt be thinking about presents and pondering just what to get that certain somebody who has all the toys they'll ever need plus a bank account that's healthier than your own. Well, if they're aged between six and thirteen, curious about the world around them and keen to learn outside the classroom, National Geographic (NG) for Kids could be for them. And if you order using this code you'll get 35% off the annual subscription.

On the other hand, if there's a budding Jon Culshaw in the family then there's a chance to appear on TV if you can 'Do it Like Dolmio'. All you have to do is impersonate one of the Dolmio characters and upload your video. You can find out all about it here:

Finally, it's that time of year when our gardens need attention. Leaves are falling, the last flowers dying and the roses need pruning. And if you find your garden needing attention but you haven't the time to see to it yourself, I may have a solution. The ladygarden-ers:

Come on dear, the lawn needs cutting...

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