Saturday, 30 October 2010

Saturday Review

Have you any idea what this is?

You could be forgiven for thinking it was one of these...

After all, it is that time of year. 
Or perhaps it's the kind of thing you 'see' as a result of doing a bit too much of what he's been doing? 

But no. It's neither pumpkin, nor punked-kin...

...or anything else connected with trick or treating. Can you guess what it is? If you can, leave a comment below and you might stand a chance of winning this...

... a stunning Christmas Joy Hamper* supplied courtesy of HamperGifts who provide a wide range of Christmas hampers, chocolate gifts, and champagne gifts.

And that's not all. If your little darlings should get dirty trick or treating, you can try a bottle of this brand-new Ariel stain-remover gel with whitener. It’s designed to help get stains out the first time you wash, and to work well at cooler temperatures to help save energy. Again, a comment - witty or otherwise - is all you need to leave in order to be in with a chance of winning this:

Although we'll probably not be participating in the annual doorstep demand for confectionery tonight or tomorrow, we might enter into the spirit of the evening by mixing some super Sodastream halloween mocktails. With names like 'Vampire Broth' and 'Witches Brew' these drinks should certainly get the party going.

And finally, Charlie's been asked to tell you what he thinks of this Roary the Racing Car Load-a-Raceday Truck set in which Roary comes with his own car transporter and new character, Loada, who transforms into a playset for all his push along friends.

As far as I can tell there's no mis-fuelling option. I just hope if Roary ever makes the same mistake as I did last weekend he'll be as well looked after as we were at Vantage Toyota, Scarborough.

Happy Halloween!

*For more information click here. Hamper giveaway open to UK residents only; full delivery terms here.
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